Kevin Jenkins

Hospital CEO

Over three and a half years ago, I was preparing to interview for my first hospital CEO position.  Being a young leader with many different experiences, I knew I had the qualifications to do this job well. But I was nervous about interviewing for such an important leadership position within the organization. I felt unprepared for the gauntlet of individual and panel interviews that was ahead of me.

Stephen Moulton, my friend, and mentor helped me arrange my thoughts into specific examples and helped me articulate my story, my mission, and my leadership philosophy into words and actions.

I felt so much more comfortable and prepared for the interview process and questions that I was going to face.   The interview practice sessions with Steve were invaluable and prepared me for the interview process.

Today I am the CEO of my St. Anthony Hospital and am grateful for Stephen and all of his assistance and coaching.

Howard Van Dam II

Sr. Software Engineer


I wanted to share with you the impact your coaching made on my job search.  Our face to face work was helpful in so many ways; here is just a few:

First, the resume.  As a software professional,  I am focused on the technical, and it is easy to get bogged down in needless detail.  When we finished my resume, it was tight, to the point, and communicated my skills clearly and positively.  Adding real data (cost savings, revenue increases) based on my work was a big plus.  I would never have got that.

Second, “Tell Me About Yourself.”  That is a statement that makes a computer geek like me want to run and hide!  You challenged me to get past my insecurities and fear about answering that question.  What a difference that made in job interviews; I felt confident going into interviews;  I know I have a great story to tell and can communicate it quickly and effectively.

Third, since you challenged me and held me accountable, it forced me to look inward and find the answers I needed to have confidence and build that important first contact “elevator pitch.”  I believe the way you helped with this part of the job search made all the difference.  I had skills, I knew I could do an excellent job for anyone, but building my self-confidence and really doing some self-evaluation (soul searching if you prefer) gave me what I needed to present myself well.

Thanks to your excellent coaching, every interview I have had went very well (two attempts two job offers), and the tools you provided continue to help me stay successful and will be part of the remainder of my career.

Michael Manwaring

Accounting Firm Partner


Several years ago, I was facing the most important set of interviews of my career.  I was trying to become a partner at PwC.  Part of the process was to have three interviews, two with firm leadership and a third with a panel of several people on the admissions committee.  The year before I had completed a few practice interviews and felt comfortable going into the interview process.  Obviously having a second attempt meant that the interviews did not go as well as I had hoped.

I decided to work with Stephen Moulton to improve my chances in year two.  He helped me crisp up my answer to the “Tell me a bit about yourself,” question.  He also worked with me on improving my examples I used to answering the questions that would come in the interviews.  I felt so much more prepared going into the interview process and came out of the process feeling great.  The results speak for themselves as I am a partner at PwC.  Stephen’s assistance was invaluable.


Michael Ruhs 

Marketing Director


Getting organizations to make hiring decisions during this Covid-19 crisis has been challenging; that’s the bad news. The good news is I’m now having conversations I wasn’t getting before because of Stephen’s insights and coaching.

I had a resume and I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn’t getting any response. Stephen coached me through my resume revealing strategies to make it stronger, plus he provided a template for me to use. His help and a little work on my part made quite a difference. My wife even commented that my resume looked stronger, was easier to read, and better reflected the key value from my experience.

The new format has made a difference. The number of conversations I’m now having has increased considerably, yet people still seem reluctant to hire right now. Many seem to be scouting candidates, but delaying the actual hire. I’ve received comments such as: you’re a perfect for the role, but we’re going to move this project out three months.

To help me prepare for these conversations, Stephen also asked me how I would answer the question, “Tell me about yourself.” This question is frequently thrown out at the beginning of an interview. He helped me become clear on how I can make a difference for a new employer and use this question to my advantage.

I downloaded Stephen’s book “Tell Me About Yourself,” and found even more valuable insights that have helped me as I seek my next opportunity. I’ve actually read it a couple of times and have honed my response to that question. Now, depending on who I’m on a call with, I’ll pull out notes and use them to tailor a response that reflects my experience in the context of what the prospective employer needs. Recently, I’ve been invited to more second and third interviews.

I trust Stephen’s insights. He works to understand where his clients are coming from and adds valuable ideas to help ensure you get where you want to be.

Paul Demetter

Human Resources



In 2007, I found myself unemployed due to an acquisition. Being an Human Resources professional with several companies, I was optimistic that I could quickly land a new opportunity. What I found was a different landscape than in the past.

 Many companies were interviewing, but few were hiring. I was confident that my experience was marketable. I had reached out to nearly 100 companies, had phone and in-face interviews with a number of them, but for whatever reason, the interviews did not lead to job offers.

 So many times, we think that we know how to prepare a meaningful resume and how to interview. As one being interviewed, we see ourselves through our eyes, but fail to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

 I have told a number of management associates the importance of a first impression, explaining to them that there is only one first impression, and that must be the very best that we present.

 I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Moulton to strengthen my resume and then a few sessions of what I referred to as interview presentation.

 I was an HR professional and yet more accustomed to sitting on the other side of the desk asking the questions and making observations. I didn’t think I would need any coaching regarding something as fundamental as interviewing. And yet, I found the sessions invaluable.

In life, everyone needs a coach, and Stephen filled that role. More than once during mock interviews, he would stop me and suggest different ways to present a response – if it was too wordy, did not have enough context, or the response simply may be lost on the interviewer.

 After these sessions, the very next company that I interviewed with gave me an offer and I spent the rest of my career with them.

 A mentor once told me that the hardest job you will ever face is looking for a job. If that is the case, then why not do everything in our power to prepare for that challenge?

 I completely endorse and recommend Stephen and his approach to interviewing and resume preparation. In today’s world, the competition is intense for key positions. I encourage you to avail yourself of the preparatory opportunities that he will provide.