Object of a Resume? SupriseMost resumes get a scan of between 2 and 8 seconds, before rejection.

If you don’t get their attention, you lose.

Most people try to cram too much into a resume making it unreadable let alone unscannable.

Answer this question.

What is the object of a resume?

Get an interview.

Screw this up and you don’t get an interview.

There are three reasons a resume is a crucial part of a successful job search.  The key is developing the resume yourself.

First, developing a great resume requires taking time to define your unique problem solving ability.

Second is keeping your resume an appetizer and not a full meal. Think about it this way. If you tell a potential employer about everything you have done. Why would they need to interview you?

You need to give brief bullets that are limited to a Challenge you faced, the Actions you took and the Results you got in numbers, all in one to one and a half lines.

How readable and scannable is your resume?

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