Two Magic Words You Need in Your Resume

Two Magic Words You Need In Your Resume

I have mentioned in previous posts that the purpose of a resume is to get an interview, also that a resume should be an appetizer rather than a full meal.

Your accomplishment bullets should be no longer than one line.

Finally, your accomplishment bullets need to have numbers in them.

When you write your accomplishment bullets, the two magic words are FROM and TO.

For instance:

Improved response time of customer requests from 48 hours to 12 hours.

Grew sales from $300,000 to $1.3 million in 12 months.

Reduced turnover from 76% to 18% in 12 months.

Why keep your bullets so short? If you have 300-400 resumes to review and you were crazy busy and had half an hour to review them, you’re going to do a quick scan.

Plus, when you are in a hurry, the human brain looks at a block of text and says, that is going to cost me too much time and calories to read, skip it.

Here are a few rules.

Have one accomplishment bullet for each year you were in your last job.

Reduce that number for jobs held more than 5 years ago.

Place a 3-4 point space between each bullet, to make it easy to scan.

Drop any job held over 15 years ago.

For the future, keep documentation of accomplishments.

Notice, the bullets fail to say how they were accomplished. That is important, it creates curiosity, hence the need for an interview.

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