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Find Your New Job 50% Faster.

I understand your frustration

I’ve been in your shoes, looking for a new job is stressful.

But then I discovered the secret principles of resumes, interviewing and other job search skills.

Let me assure you I know how to help you.

I have coached thousands of leaders how to hire great people and hundreds of great people succeed in their job search, and I can help you succeed as well. 



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85% of interviewers decide in less than 5 minutes

That means they spending less than five minutes they make a decision to move on to someone else. Will you win or lose?


50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) is what it takes for people to form an opinion

Yep, interviewers judge a book by its cover. You and your resume better make a good first impression!


8 seconds or less is what you have to keep someone’s attention.

The heavy lifting happens in the first few seconds. To gain several minutes of an interviewer’s attention, you must clearly and quickly communicate your value.


10X potential for success

Yes, that number isn’t a real number! But studies show that simply writing a better resume can increase interviews up to 50% or more. And that’s just the resume! Imagine if you retooled all your interview skills.

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I trust Stephen’s insights. He works to understand where his clients are coming from and adds valuable ideas to help ensure you get where you want to be.

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I completely endorse and recommend Stephen and his approach to interviewing and resume preparation. In today’s world, the competition is intense for key positions. I encourage you to avail yourself of the preparatory opportunities that he will provide.

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Your Pathway to Success

Find Your New Job 50% Faster

Most people jump into a job search without a plan, tools, or preparation. Years ago, I lost a job and immediately jumped into a job search and lost too many opportunities that should have been mine. Then I got smart and put together a plan, developed my tools, and prepared for interviews.

After getting smart, I interviewed for a Director of Human Resources job in a large international company. The Vice President tossed questions at me for an hour.

I’ll share what happened next in a moment, but first, what is your plan? What tools do you need? And what do you need to prepare?

A quick overview checklist

1. Your Unique Problem Solving Ability (UPSA) identifying your USPA is a killer way to communicate what is truly unique about what you bring to the party.

It is a crucial part of differentiating yourself in your Job Search. You will use it in your Resume Summary, the skills to put on your Resume, how you respond to that age-old question, “Tell me about yourself,” and your Interview Skills.

Blow this, and you continue to struggle.

2. A Resume that Sells – I have seen very few resumes that sell, let alone are readable.

Why? For several reasons, for instance, what is the object of a professional resume?

A simple answer is to get an interview, and most people fail to speak the right language in the resume and hinder their job search. The right language in a resume is the language of business, which is money.

Your professional resume summary is an essential part of creating a resume that sells. Your objective is to get the attention of the resume screener.

Get a Sample Resume (click here). We don’t just give you some resume example skills; we help you dig deep for craft accomplishment statements that get attention and entice an interview.

In the Sample Resume for Professionals, you will also get 104 resume verbs. That way, you don’t need to overuse verbs and can avoid adjectives.

We teach you how to write a resume that will help propel your career forward.

3. Your LinkedIn PageYour resume on LinkedIn needs to mirror your resume, with the right sizzle, set to sell. You need to update your LinkedIn page to reflect your resume.

How you represent yourself in your LinkedIn profile is essential. Have someone review your profile to be sure it reflects the image you want to present. We can help you with that.

A LinkedIn tip. Do not say you are looking for work or are open to new opportunities. It makes you look needy.

4. Your Cover Letter – A lot of companies expect a cover letter in their application process. Creating a simple and persuasive cover letter can be crucial.

A Cover Letter Tip. Do not load your cover letter with info from your resume.Connecting with Employers – Next is your search strategy. There is no single strategy to get your resume in front of the right person.

A job search for engineers will be different from a job search for project managers, accountants, etc. There are even geographic and industry considerations.

However, better approaches will give you superhero powers, while others are staring at job boards.

5. The First 5 Minutes of the Interview – most interviewers make their hiring decision in the first five minutes of the interview. What is the first question asked in an interview? “Tell me about yourself.”

Not really a question, but everyone says almost the same thing, and to the interviewer, it sounds like a rerun of the last candidate. Your response to “Tell me about yourself” is one area you can incorporate your Unique Problem Solving Ability and change the game.

6. Interview Skills – most interviewers lack the interview skills necessary. They usually talk too much, meandering through responses to questions, with little purpose and understanding about what an interviewer is looking for, and praying they will say something intelligent.

To be ready, you need to have a dozen success stories you can share that support your Unique Problem Solving Ability. These stories need to follow a specific formula.

Here is the formula, the challenge you faced, what you did to overcome it, and the result you achieved. Your challenge is to craft these responses and be able to deliver them I less than 45 seconds.

You will also want to have some key questions you want to ask the interviewer.

7. Your Business Plan –I’ve helped candidates differentiate themselves with a two-page plan that outlines what they would do in the first six months. Having a business plan shows you are there to make a difference. I’ve seen candidates take a business plan into the interview with them and, at an appropriate time, share it with the hiring manager with great success.

I’ve seen other candidates say something such as: “Based on what we have talked about today, would you be open to me sending you a short two-page plan we could implement to meet your goals?

8. Sealing the Deal Follow-up – after the interview, another way to differentiate yourself is with a handwritten thank you note. But don’t use one of those cheesy Thank You cards. Either use your professional letterhead or use a card from Successories.

Check them out here:

I have sent these cards to potential employers and clients. Then when visiting their office, I often see my card on their bookcase or bulletin board. They are memorable.

What Happened in the Interview I told you of in the beginning?

Funny thing, I got a call from the recruiter, and he said, “Sorry to say she gave the job to someone else. But, (there was a long pause) she was so impressed with you that she got approval and created a new position just for you, as Director of World Wide Compensation and Benefits. Are you interested?” Wow, that was unexpected.

My goal is to guide professionals, managers, directors, and executives in accomplishing their career goals and get a Great New Job 50% Faster.


We help you with job search guidance such as: skills to put on resume, resume summary, resume tips, object of resume, a sample of resume, how to write a resume, interviewing skills, other job search skills.

We help you craft a clear resume that sells, interview skills the set you apart as the obvious choice.

*According to research conducted by Keith Handy, a Professional Job Coach, Regional Employment Manager and friend, this Resume format has been shown to be 50% more effective than any other resume format.